Impact Tester To Inspect, Measure And Assure Glass Products

Impact tester to inspect, measure and assure glass products
The quality of a product directly affects the brand and the supplier’s identity. Proper testing of the products gives reassurance to clients. An investigation of broken products along with an evaluation of quality and testing of performance ensures careful examination prior to its launch in the market. Impact testing can be conducted on a variety of products such as:
  • Prestige and beauty bottles. For example, cosmetics and perfume
  • Containers and Packing. For example, bottles of beer and food jars.
  • Flat glass. For example, furniture, architectural etc.
  • Glassware for trade use. For example, stemware, pint glasses
Impact tester for Glass bottle tests the resistance capability of glass bottles and jars. The instrument is used to evaluate the impact resistance, breakage and various strength related characteristics of glass products. The machine ensures the strength of the products for their intended use.  The holding system moves either in the vertical or horizontal direction, easy to adjust the position of the sample. Impacts are implemented at the contact point for the specific sample, for example, the edge of a pint glass or shoulder and heel for bottles. The testing is conducted until the sample fails to resist.
Presto Impact tester for Glass bottle provides a reproducible force to measure the impact resistance of glass products. The instrument is light weighted having fixed suspension to support pendulum assembly. The machine provides fast, adjustable and accurate height adjustments and adheres to DIN 52295-2010 standard. 


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