Importance of Bottle Burst Test in PET

Importance of Bottle Burst Test in PET

PET bottles have many advantages over other forms, like, glass. They are break resistant, lightweight, non-reactive, etc. These are some of the common benefits of using a PET, but the biggest advantage is that it is very easy to reconsider the design of plastic packing if it is failing repeatedly. The reconsideration process does not cost the fortune to the company but definitely requires a right testing process. Properties like transparency, strain distribution and wall thickness need a strong consideration for successful design.  

One common test that is performed by every manufacturer is bottle burst test to check the sustainability of the bottle under extreme pressure. Especially in aerated beverages, due to excessive shaking, there are chances of generation of high pressure inside the bottle. This may lead to bursting of the bottle if it doesn’t have enough strength. With the bottle bursting test, manufacturers are able to identify the exact amount of pressure that a bottle can sustain. 
Also, during extensive research, the design of the bottle can be checked to ascertain the pressure bearing capacity of the bottle. Creep test is another important test that can be performed to see for how long the bottle can bear a predefined pressure. 
Why is it important to conduct a Bursting Strength Test? 
PET is the most reliable means of packaging is now replacing other forms of packings in many industries. Not only liquids but other forms of powder, solids, granules etc. can be safely transported in PET packings. Which is why it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers to analyse the efficiency of the packings according to internal standards or by following standards of authorised organisations. 
In aerated drinks filling line, the bottles are filled with extreme pressure which sometimes may lead to the bursting of the bottle. High pressure is required during filling to keep the freshness intact, but this may lead to bursting of bottles sometimes. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the bursting strength of PET bottles with the help of Bottle Burst Tester.
Salient Features :
This equipment is used for the evaluation of burst strength, expansion volume and wall thickness of PET bottles
The device is equipped with latest HMI touchscreen for excellent system control
It comes with USB interface for data storing
The Strong clamping mechanism is available to hold the bottle.
Digital Pre-set Timer function ensures high accuracy and repeatability

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