Importance of Cobb Sizing Tester Machine in the Packaging industry

Importance of Cobb Sizing Tester Machine in the Packaging industry

 Packaging plays an important role in the preservation and safety of products. Various products are transported from one place to another which requires healthy and secure packaging during production, transport, storage and consumption. Basically, packaging is used for marketing purpose. Packaging help marketers in promoting buyers to acquire the product and prevents any damage to the product.

The main benefits of packaging are to protect the products from physical as well as environmental impacts, for example, heating, wetting, hitting, crushing etc. Packaging ensures that the product reaches the consumer in the most economical way.

The basic material used in the making of corrugated paperboards or paper has the property to absorb water and hold it. Absorption and sizing properties play a vital role in the presentation of material and its usage in the practical world. The Cobb sizing tester machine tests the amount of water absorbed by the corrugated paperboard.

The standards for Cobb sizing tester are TAPPI-T441, IS 1060. The features include high-quality stainless steel test area, rugged construction and strong clamp mounting, light in weight and flexible, fast locking mechanism, standard weight roller given with the equipment, accurate results, single-handed hassle-free operation etc.
The method contains certain stages with the duration mentioned in each standard. The dry sample of corrugated paperboard or cardboard is weighed and positioned under the cylinder. The sample is allowed to hold 100 ml of water for a given time. The water absorptiveness, also known as Cobb value is measured as per the standard condition. High Cobb value states the sample has a tendency to absorb and hold moisture and low Cobb value states the sample has the resistance to absorption and retention of moisture.
The sample is placed on the under the steel roller weighing 10 kg, so that excess water is removed. After the water is drained out, the sample is weighed again and calculated as per absorptiveness in gm.
The formula to calculate Cobb value is the mass of the test sample after exposure to water in gm minus a mass of test sample before exposure to water in gm. 

The Presto Cobb Sizing tester determines the amount of water penetration into board or paper. The equipment consists of a container in cylindrical shape clasped to a flat base. The features include high-quality stainless steel area, fast locking mechanism, light weighted with accuracy in test results etc. 

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