Importance of Salt Spray Testing in Metal Component Testing

Importance of Salt Spray Testing in Metal Component Testing

Manufacturing a defect-free product is a critical task. A lot of testing and research is required to keep the things in the right manner. High-quality testing instruments are used in every industry that helps the manufacturers to identify the defects and deliver first class products. In industries where metal is the prime element used in manufacturing, testing the life of product against corrosion initiating elements is important. What more important is to do the comparative analysis of the production. If is there any progression in the production process that is impacting the quality of the products? 

Even if there is no deliberate change in the production process, even then there is slightest of change in the quality of the end product. Over the years, the machinery becomes old and develop flaws. This might result in the drop of the quality standards set internally by your industry. With corrosion resistance test, you can estimate the change in a number of resistance test hours in past and present. 
Salt Spray Chamber simulates the corrosion resistance environment, where your samples are tested. If a few years back your samples used to survive 48 hours of test and now they are failing after 13 hours of the test, this means some considerable regression has taken place in the manufacturing process. 

The testing procedure 
The salt spray test or fog test is an advanced corrosion test used for evaluating the corrosion resistance of materials when exposed to salt fog. The test specimen is placed in an enclosed chamber and it is subjected to a constant flow of salt-laden fog. This flow is maintained during the entire duration of the test.  This testing process is used in both automotive and industrial sector. It is also used for the evaluation of materials used in making marine, military and aircraft equipment. 
Features of Presto’s Salt Spray Chamber – Korrox III
This machine gives a complete freedom to simulate the salty fog with up to 5% of NaCl. 
It comes with an HMI display that allows profile programming and data logging.
It allows the user to transfer data using multiple output ports.
Auto and manual air purging facility are provided to settle down the salty process before opening the canopy                  style 
Tower style atomiser for better and consistent fog distribution. 
Salt Spray Chamber - Korrox III comes with amazing features which are strategically designed for delivering accurate test results. However, the results are analysed visually, but hefty data logging allows the operator to understand the minute behaviour of the materials. 


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