Importance of Tensile Testing in Automotive Industry

Importance of Tensile Testing in Automotive Industry

In metal industries, it is very important that industry standards are being followed religiously. Whether they are raw materials, end products or in-house material, everything needs to undergo stringent testing to assure it is following one or the other relative standard. With tensile testing, manufacturers are curbing the failure to a good extent.  

Tensile test analyses the mechanical and physical characteristics of the metals and alloys. Properties like, ductility, malleability, stiffness and strength can be determined with this. Tensile strength can be defined as the resistance of metal against the breakage when an outward pull is applied to it. Outward pull or tension may lead to the deformity of the specimen. Depending upon the properties of the metal, it tends to elongate before it gets fractured. On the other hand, some metals do not elongate, they simply break. This is how stiffness and ductility can be assessed. 

Implementation of Tensile Test in R&D
In any industry, before starting the production, there is a long round of R&D that studies the behaviour of the components that are going to be used, the success and failure rate of the design and scope of improvement. Similarly, in the metal industry, whether steel pipes are being manufactured or tiny nuts, a prior study is required to reduce the failure rate. Analysis of physical characteristics is done by tensile testing machine. In certain cases, pre-treatment is done to understand the effect of weathering conditions on physical properties. For instance, the sample is exposed to extreme heating condition and then its tensile properties are analysed to change the physical properties. 
Tensile Testing in Automotive Industry
In the automotive industry, different types of tests are performed to reduce the cost of production while not compromising the quality. Downgauging reduces the fuel consumption while sticking to strength requirements. Every component is engineered for a specific purpose and manufactured while adhering to the guidelines. Generalisation is certainly not possible and tolerance level is very low. Any failure may lead to the crash of the whole system which can be dangerous and fatal in some cases. 
The tensile testing machine offered by Presto is compliance with testing standards of relative authorities. The machine comes with the user-friendly digital display to read the different values. It is a single column structure and has a compact design to accommodate it easily in QC laboratories. For technical specification contact our experts and get the best machine for your industry. 

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