Importance of Thickness Measurement in PET Industries

Importance of Thickness Measurement in PET Industries

Due to the popularity of the PET storage containers, more and more players are jumping in this industry. And, the key to their survival is the quality and the cost. Delivering good quality at competitive prices is very difficult. But some key players are making it possible by using right instruments to keep their quality consistent. Keeping the industrial standards in mind, manufacturers are improvising different types of testing instruments to check different properties of the PET containers. Wall thickness gauging is one important test that is performed in every PET industry with different objectives.

Thickness measurement for downgauging

Manufacturers are looking out for different way outs to reduce the cost of the product. Downgauging is one such effort. Decreasing the thickness of the bottle to an extent where it does not impact the quality guidelines and integrity of the packed content, while making a considerable difference in the cost. MagnaMike 8600 is one efficient equipment which helps in measuring and recording the thickness observations. The equipment makes very precise and minute observations that help in making changes, which could be a fraction of centimetres. 

Thickness measurement for consistency
Like it is mentioned before, the equipment is capable of making very minute measurements. Thus, miniscule defects, like uneven thickness, or bulges get easily highlighted with this. From a customer perspective, he is least concerned with the defects of the container as long as they are not affecting the quality of the content packed inside. But these defects have unpredictable behaviour, they may or may not fail during the product life cycle. This is why to avoid the rejection by the quality check department, such defects are eliminated before starting the mass production by reconsidering the production process. 
Thickness measurement for R&D
Whether you are manufacturing something as small as a needle, you need to research the best design to deliver the best product to your client. When it comes to PET containers, different designs that could attract the consumers. Before starting the mass production of a new design, it is important to analyse the new design for its sustainability with respect to different factors. Conducting successful research, MagnaMike 8600 is the perfect device for analysing the PET designs from every nooks and corner. 
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