Improper Packaging Makes You Pay Serious Liabilities

Improper Packaging Makes You Pay Serious Liabilities

Shipping industry suffers huge losses due to the improper or weak packaging of the consignments, especially when carrying contaminants like odoriferous liquids.

In a PDF about cargo damage, UK Club share the percentages of the cargo claims they handle, with physically damage cargo by far being the top claim:
“… 25% of the damage is physical, 14% temperature related, 11% containers lost overboard, 9% theft and 8% shortage.”
This number is huge and raises concern regarding the right packaging practices. And, when we say right practice, we are referring to some testing standards, like ASTM, ISTA, etc. 
What more draws our attention is rise of disputes related to losses due to failed packaging, stringent laws or liabilities are defined, which might vary regionally. 
FedEx’s Terms and Conditions for US Shipments says :
If a shipment is refused by the recipient, leaks or is damaged, the shipment will be returned to the sender if possible. If the sender refuses to accept the returned shipment or it cannot be returned because of leakage, or damage due to faulty packaging, the shipper is responsible for and will reimburse FedEx for all costs and fees of any type connected with the legal disposal of the shipment, and all costs and fees of any type connected with clean-up of any spill or leakage.
Of course, the carrier cannot act blindfolded while undertaking the consignment. 
It is his responsibility to analyse the packaging at his end. He has all the rights to inspect the consignment before loading the trailer. 
Upon encountering any visible defects in the packing, he must report to the sender about the calculative risk of improper packaging. 
If the sender is willing to take improper packaging further, then it is assumed that sender is willing to take the risk involved and liable for any loss. 
In exceptional scenarios, the shipper is prohibited to inspect the consignment when it is sealed. This definitely supports the integrity of the load but makes the sender accountable for any failure. 
In a nutshell, for any damage to cargo, personal injuries or loss of life due to the improper or weak packing of consignment, the liability must bear by the sender or shipper. 
Implementation of testing process helps you in controlling the failure of packaging with immediate effect. Bursting strength test is an important test which is widely performed in the corrugated packaging units to assess the performance of cartons during the transits.
Contact Presto to know more about bursting strength tester and other testing machines to make your packaging sustainable. 


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