Improve PET bottle quality with Precise Thickness measurement

Improve PET bottle quality with Precise Thickness measurement
PET products are the most chosen material for manufacturing packaging bottles and containers. This is because of it non-reactive behaviour towards chemicals and strong fumes. The quality of the material is often dependent on the manufacturer’s priorities and also his investment budget. It has been found that thicker the bottles more are the faults they develop with time. These damages cause major issues to customers and their reputation. Comparative to this, thinner bottles are found to be sustainable and surviving the real-life harsh environmental conditions. Majorly these properties and quality issues are based on the type of preforms which are used in the industry to produce the final product. It is very important that the production process which is followed has been perfect or else the PET containers will show defects in them.

How to evaluate the preform quality?

To manufacture the preforms, blow moulding process has been used. Much prior the production of bottles one must check the quality of preforms so that the defect is detected in the initial production stage.

Magna Mike 8600 is a well-renowned thickness testing gauge which used to check the wall thickness of preforms at any place. The instrument is equipped with a magnetic probe and uses a target metallic ball. The target ball is kept inside the preform and moved with that the probe is touched on the outer side of the material. With this one can check the wall thickness in a non-destructive manner. It is the best method by which you can test the wall thickness of non-ferrous objects. The main concept behind the test is the distance calculated between the target ball and the probe is the real estimated wall thickness of the preform. The probe uses a hall-effect sensor to translate the electrical signals in the quantified thickness. Although it’s a hassle-free operation need high careful attention while operating.

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