Improve your PET Containers Bursting Strength

Improve your PET Containers Bursting Strength

PET containers are manufactured in factories with a lot of precision. And also thousands of test are also conducted on the bottles every day. The manufacturers often ignore to use the bursting tester. They think we are already investing in so much. The material quality test, the production line inspection and the final product testing and now why we need to invest in the bottle burst testing, they don’t see any importance in the same. But they are forgetting a very important aspect of bottles. After manufacturing the bottles they are getting transported to other regions or locations where they will be supplied to other market or may turn into the storage. Now here comes the situations where a bottle may burst out. During the loading activity, in the transporting and in the storage the airtight containers may get filled up with excessive air pressure. And if that pressure is not accepted by the wall of bottles then they might burst out. In this post, we will be learning about the role of Bottle bursting tester in PET containers quality assurance.

Take a good example of a carbonated beverage bottle when they are stored for long they which is captured inside under huge pressure will try to release out and while doing that it will make constant pressure over the bottle wall and if the wall is weaker than it might burst out and the content is released.

 A bottle burst tester imitates the pressure exerting environment and the bottle sample which you want to test is kept inside. The cabinet is closed tightly and a pressure is exerted over it artificially to a point that it burst out and that point is considered to be the bottle burst value. This value is important for improving quality of bottle production and the sales will also improve.


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