Inspect The Resistance Of Rubbers To Abrasion With Rotating Cylinder Abrasion Tester

Rotating Cylinder Abrasion Tester

Rubber goods are used on a large scale in many industries. It is a versatile and best quality of products. The versatile nature of the elastomers and rubbers helps to make use of rubbers in a significant number of applications to produce the best quality of products. It is required in the industries where there is a need of both sturdy and extremely elastic of products. The major applications where rubbers are used on a large scale are automobile industries, machine component manufacturing industry, seal manufacturing plants and many more. The rubbers are used in critical applications. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the rubbers before using them for final production. The quality of the rubbers must be of high-quality so that it can last for a long period without damaging or deforming the rubber quality.

Major Problems that Affect the Quality of Rubbers

The major problem that spoils the quality of the rubber is the Abrasion. To test the abrasion resistance of the rubber components, the rubbers are rubbed against the abrasive surface which shows erosion on the surface of the material that really affects the quality of the rubber product. The rubber products need to be strong enough that can stand firm to any type of abrasion when they are provided under highly abrasive environment. This test can be performed efficiently with the Rotating Cylinder Abrasion Tester.

Test the Quality of Rubbers with Presto’s Din Abrasion Tester

Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments, offers the best quality of Rotating Cylinder Abrasion Tester, which is also known as Din Abrasion Tester. The instrument efficiently measures the strength of the rubbers to enhance the quality of the production.

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