Is the Longevity of your metal parts posing a concern for your product?

Is the Longevity of your metal parts posing a concern for your product?
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 08-07-2024

Many B2B enterprises, particularly those involved in the manufacture of metal and coated goods, confront significant obstacles in assuring their products' corrosion resistance. Corrosion can cause product failures, customer unhappiness, higher maintenance costs, and, eventually, a loss of reputation and money. These firms must ensure that their goods can resist extreme weather conditions.

For solving this very concern- Presto group brings to you theSALT SPRAY TEST CHAMBER”! Metal and coating manufacturers may use this for checking corrosion resistance of surface coatings. Through it’s unique technology it understands the corrosion capacity caused by environmental conditions which a component may withstand.

Features and their benefits-

Presto not only brings you a solution, but also several benefits along with it-

1. Replicating Environmental Conditions - A PLC controlled PID to control temperature of the chamber enables replication of different environmental conditions with a range from ambient to +40°C. Thus, predicting how products will function in real world scenarios. 


2. Efficiency and Precision- 


The triple-wall chamber is equipped with glass wool insulation, delivering accurate and dependable test results that meet international testing requirements.  The air flow meter is integrated to adjust the air flow from 0 to 30 Psi, and an air jacket heating system is also included to ensure even and accurate functioning.


3. Quality Assurance- 

A transparent cover allows for continual direct visual observation of the test object, which optimizes testing inspection. The chamber enables enterprises to conduct rigorous quality control testing, guaranteeing that their goods satisfy high corrosion resistance criteria before they reach the market.




  • Corrosion-resistant sensor is installed for temperature control

  • Touch screen display allow selecting Program profile and test parameters

  • User Friendly access and Data Management

  • FRP, Triple walled body that ensures zero heat loss

  • Sample placements inside the test chamber is very easy and has distinct ways

  • Pneumatically operated canopy for 250 Ltr. Model only

  • Air purge system for fog settlement post-test and prior opening the chamber

  • A Reservoir Tank for slat solution installed inside with a sponge filter

  • Test data can be retrieved with USB option

  • Equipped with HMI Based touchscreen display for operation and monitor

  • Chamber Temp Ranges from Ambient to 40°C

  • The Test Chamber Temperature Ranges from 35°C ± 2°C

  • pH value of Salt Solution can be set from 6.5 to 7.2 pH

  • Inbuilt 6 digits Timer equipped (Hour meter)


New add-ons that make this latest a class apart- 


  1. Ethernet connection.

  2. The built-in VNC server provides remote monitoring and operation of the HMI features using the VNC Client APP (Windows, iOS, Android).

  3. Web Monitoring offers direct monitoring of registration data via a web page and does not require any extra software. I installed

  4. alert Notification-When an alert occurs, alarm notification emails are automatically sent to logged-in recipients, and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is used to ensure secure data transmission.

  5. 10 Preset Timers - Timers will take care of your sample timings.

  6. HMI fonts may be interchanged between HINDI and ENGLISH for operator convenience when operating and accessing databases in Hindi.


Meeting International Standards:


As salt spray chamber manufacturers for the last 41 years, we ensure that products are tested according to globally recognized benchmarks. This enables easier market entry and acceptance. 

It follows multiple global test standards such as -

  • ASTM B117 -American Society for Testing and Materials

  • JIS Z 2371 - Japanese Industrial Standards 


Thus, the Salt Spray Chamber is the perfect combination for Cost effectiveness as well Customer Satisfaction. Companies that recognise possible corrosion hazards early in the development process might save costly recalls, repairs, and warranty claims. While- Reliable and durable products lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, contributing to your product’s long-term success! 



1. How can the salt spray chamber improve my product quality?


The salt spray chamber may greatly enhance product quality by conducting a thorough evaluation of corrosion resistance. Manufacturers may make educated judgements regarding enhancements when possible vulnerabilities in materials and coatings are identified early in the development process. This is beneficial from both customer and field testing ends. As it proves to be dependable by lowering filed failures and enhancing your overall product’s credibility. 


2. Types of coatings tested by the chamber? 


From steel to zinc- the testing chamber has the capability to test a wide range of materials and coatings such as  paints, varnishes, and electroplated coatings. Industries like aytomative, aerospace, marine and construction will greatly benefit from this tool as their products are often exposed to corrosive conditions. Thus, understanding the corrosion resistance of the materials they use for their products becomes even more crucial by subjecting them to extreme environmental conditions. 


3. How much time does it take to conduct the test?


The time it takes to conduct the test is subjective to the variety of materials used and their respective functionalities. While some might last a few hours others could take days or even weeks. For example, a basic ASTM B117 test may take 24 to 96 hours, while other applications may take 1000 hours or more, if the corrosive resistance is that demanding. Thus, subjectinng them to life-like environmental conditions along with the product's lifespan dictates the time taken for testing. 


4. Are there certain precautions to be noted for maintenance of the chamber? 


To ensure peak performance and longer lifespan any and every tool requires a minimum level of maintenance and the salt spray chamber is no exception.


The following maintenance steps are important for its respective concerns- 

  • Salt accumulation: cleaning of the chamber and its components 

  •  Avoid any disruption: evaluate seals and gaskets for wear.

  • Ensure accuracy: temperature control system - airflow meters should be calibrated on a regular basis. 


In order to ensure a smooth sail of consistency and accurate testing outcomes- regular inspections and careful practice of the manufacturer's maintenance requirements are imperative .


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