Laboratory Hot Air Oven: Its Principle and Working Mechanism

Laboratory Hot Air Oven: Its Principle and Working Mechanism

Laboratory Hot Air Oven is a type testing instrument that is used for dry heat sterilization. This technique is usually performed on equipment or materials that change their properties on alleviated temperature. These air convection ovens are highly used as a drying and baking applications in the field of laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Here, Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd is one of the leading testing instrument manufacturing companies that deals in digital as well as Touch Screen Hot Air Oven.


Hot Air Oven works on Conduction and Radiation. In the process of conduction, the heat is absorbed by the external item and is passed inwards the next.

Application of Hot Air Oven

In the wide list of lab testing instruments, Hot Air Oven plays an important role in sterilization. It supports sterilization of articles that withstand high temperature. Meaning thereby, they do not get burned or change its physical property or dimension. It covers:

  • Glass-wares
  • Powders
  • Scalpels
  • Glass syringes
  • Scissors, etc.

Other than this, the pharmaceutical products like liquid paraffin, fats, grease and dusting powder, etc. can be sterilized through hot-air oven.

The materials that do not support this instrument are surgical dressings, rubber items, or plastic material as they can change their physical properties on providing high heat.

At What Temperature Hot Air Oven Works?

Basically, the standard module of Hot Air Oven temperature is from ambient to 250°C. Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd, a well-known testing instruments manufacturer, offers this machine with safe features. It allows the operators to perform their tests worry-free.

The company can design and manufacture hot air ovens as per the customer’s requirement concerning to temperature range, size and capacity. The customers can also avail various optional accessories that Presto can add on extra cost for smoothly working.

Presto’s Hot Air Oven delivers superior quality drying facilities even being available at economic rates.

Specification of Hot Air Oven by Presto Stantest

Basically it is available in two models, one with the digital display and other with the Touch Screen Display. Other specifications are as follows:

  • It has electromagnetic door switch
  • 2 Adjustable shelves
  • Least count/resolution is upto 0.1 degree Celsius.
  • Temperature Range +/-2 degree Celsius.

Why Presto for Lab Testing Instruments?

Presto has established an immense position in market of testing instruments manufacturing all across the Indian Subcontinent and beyond. So, it becomes easy to get connected to them and get world class products & after sales service

Also, the company deals in various laboratory testing instruments catering to various field of manufacturing. Here are the reasons to choose Presto:

All the testing machines are available with global certification.

The state-of-art manufacturing, designing and delivery helps to provide economic and quality services.

You will get excellent customer support services.

The list is endless. So, join hands, for a prosperous business deal, with Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.

To get the competitive Hot Air Oven price in India, contact us at +91 9210903903 or you can mail us your query at

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