Major Challenges Faced by Paint Industry

Major Challenges Faced by Paint Industry

There are many factors that contribute in quick drying of a paint. Apart from the composition, thickness of the coating, environmental conditions play a crucial role. Out of the weathering conditions, humidity and temperature are the lead players. Every paint manufacturing industry issue different guidelines for its products. It is always advisable for the applicator to read the specifications before starting the paint job.

For perfect application, there are certain conditions defined. For an oil based paint, the ambient temperature has to be above 7°C. For acrylic paints and latex paints, the temperature should be above 10°C. Some innovative compositions get easily dried at 2°C.

Effects of Humidity on Drying Time

In humid regions, the drying time of acrylic paints, latex paints and oil based get severely affected. To deal with the problem, the oil based paints are treated by the process of oxidation but water borne paints have a tough time. As water borne paints get dried by the natural process of drying.

When used on wooden surfaces, the process becomes more complex. As wood has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air. This affects the adhesive properties of substrates. This might result in the peeling or bubbling of the surface. Many paint manufacturing companies invest a lot in humidity test chamber. To assess the behaviour of the paints in intended working conditions. As per the observations, appropriate measures can be taken for the paints to work fine in extreme conditions.


Effects of Temperature on Drying Time

Temperature has a severe effect on the drying time of the paint. Especially, when paints are solvent based. As the temperature starts falling, the paint starts to thicken. This increases the time of solvent required to evaporate. The thicker a coating is, the longer time it takes to dry. Excessive long time taken for drying may result in heavier coatings and uneven surfaces. This might result in wrinkling of paints.

In regions where the temperature is often below zero degrees, there is a huge challenge in using water borne paints as water present in the paint freezes. This completely damages the smooth finish of the surface.

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