Measure Coefficient of Friction of Plastic Films in a Standardised Way

Measure Coefficient of Friction of Plastic Films in a Standardised Way

A laboratory film to film Coefficient of friction (COF) measurement is used in flex pack industry to quantify and compare film frictional surface properties in a consistent way. Usually, values over .50 are believed to have non-slip surfaces and values less than .20 have high-slip films prone to roll telescoping. A COF Tester is used to measure the sliding friction.

Optimal Slip
Optimal slip properties differ according to their application. It is critical for good machinability and package transport such as:

  • When film passes over HFFS fin wheel deck plates, it has low outside friction i.e. film to metal. It prevents drag and film jams.
  • Filled packages are stuffed into corrugated shipping boxes possess low outside friction i.e., film to film. It allows packs to slide against each other and settle for easy carton closing.
  • Filled packages when carried on an inclined conveyor belt. It has moderate or high outside friction i.e. film to the conveyor. It keeps the product from losing placement or falling off conveyor.

The various situation has distinct stresses and expectations. The film is forced to change shape or slide across a metal surface. Film to film COF measures process control to ensure the consistent production of a film that has proved at the time of the product development process to operate in its target applications.

Co-efficient Of Friction Tester

This reliable instrument provides a digital display of static and kinetic COF. Static COF is a higher value and related to the force to get the movement started. Kinetic COF is the number that is displayed in data sheets and is an average value after inch of travel.

COF values are created in various laboratories or various testers to display variation at the time of measuring the same film. COF Tester is a tool to indicate the starting and sliding friction of plastic film and sheets when sliding over one another at a specified test condition. Presto’s COF tester adheres to various standards like ASTM D883, ASTM D 1894 and ASTM D618.

You can avail Friction Testing Machine in computerised version also. It has a chip based display that gives precision based results. There is a facility to display dynamic and kinetic friction force. Slider block to perform tests i.e. glass to metal and sample to sample. Bright LED display and feather touch control. It user friendly machine and easy to operate. Compressive force clamp with strong thread screw operated. No slippage is there in case sample is clamped uniformly using fly screws without any loops.


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