Color Measurement Instruments - Best To Measure The Brightness Of White Papers

Color Measurement Instruments

The optical brightness of the papers can be judged with the optical brightness agents that are added to the texture of the papers to enhance the whiteness of the papers. These whiteners are the chemicals which absorb ultraviolet lights and emit fluorescent rays at a particular wavelength that offers the ability to analyze the brightness of the papers visually. The human eye measures the brightness of the papers as the white effect. This can be measured easily with the help of color measurement instrument. Especially in inkjet media area, a large number of quality art papers look brighter to the human eye but actually does not emit so much of brightness. This types of papers are of high-quality and more expensive. Hence, the manufacturers in the paper industry need to be more careful regarding the brightness of the papers.

The best way to measure the brightness of the papers is using Color Measurement Instruments. Color Measurement instrument offers the best medium to measure the consistency, vibrancy, brightness and various other properties of the specimens. Presto Stantest, leading manufacturers of testing instruments, offers a wide range of Bright White Paper Testing Instruments like TP 310, and TP 800 Spectrophotometer and many more.

These instruments work on the basis of the best color measurement formula i.e. L*a*b. It is the best way to measure the brightness of the white papers and other color related properties of the material. Apart from this, the instruments are provided with customized specifications and features to fulfill the requirements of a vast number of customers.

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