Seal Integrity Tester - To Measure The Leakage Property Of Packaging Products

Seal Integrity Tester - To Measure The Leakage Property Of Packaging Products

Seal-intigity-testerSeal Integrity is the most important element to control the quality of the packaging products. If the seal of the packaging products is compromised, this will initiate the leak and it will destroy the protective atmosphere of the product and will directly harm the shelf-life of the food products and this can also result in damaging the entirely manufactured lot. A packaging product leak detector hence plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of the packaging products. After recognizing this problem, the reputed manufacturers of testing equipments has developed well-designed seal integrity tester to test the seal integrity and the leakage property of the packets.

Seal Integrity of the packaging products can be compromised due to various transportation hurdles and different testing techniques. Another major reason that causes the packets to leak is the heating element which is used to create optimum amount of heat to seal the packets is defective or misaligned or if there is any issue regarding the heat, pressure and duration of the sealing process. Hence, it is important to test the integrity of the seals thoroughly, with the help of the topmost quality of leakage detection testing equipments. If the seal integrity of the packages is not tested appropriately, certain issues arise with the products that result in potential damage to the relationship of the manufacturer with the customers. Hence, seal integrity tester is an important testing machine to test the seal integrity of the products.

Presto Stantest, leading manufacturers of Packaging testing Instrument, offers high-quality of Bagging & Sealing Packaging Testing machines to best assure the quality of the products.

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