Measure the Volume Loss Due to Abrasion with Abrasion Testing Machine

Abrasion Testing Machine


Rubber is a highly elastic material, and due to its elasticity, it is used in a large number of production verticals. When rubbers come in contact with different surfaces, it is difficult to determine the wear and tear characteristic and ultimate performance of the material. To ensure the overall durability of the materials, abrasion testing is performed on the rubber products as per the requirement of real world applications.

Benefits of Performing Abrasion Tester

The characteristics of abrasion play significant role in many rubber and plastic applications as it explains the durability of a material for a long period of time. The best method to perform abrasion test on rubbers is Din Abrasion Test. The instrument is used to measure the abrasion resistance strength of vulcanized rubber samples as well as test the final product. The DIN Abrasion tester is also known as Rotary Drum Abrasion tester that helps to measure the volume loss due to continuous abrasive action on a rubber test piece over a specific grade of abraded sheet. The result of the test calculates the abrasion resistance index. The instrument offers highly accurate and precise results as it is designed keeping in mind the standards such as ASTM D5963 or BS ISO 4649.

Applications of DIN Abrasion Testing Machine

The testing instrument is used to measure the performance of many types of rubber products such as conveyor belts, tires, power transmission belts, footwear, hoses, floor coverings, etc. The test is capable enough to measure the resistance of the rubber to abrasion and ascertain the uniformity of wear behavior under highly abrasive test conditions. It is the best way for comparative testing, research and development work and quality analysis.

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