Measuring Wall Thickness of Aerospace Composites

Measuring Wall Thickness of Aerospace Composites

In the aerospace manufacturing vertical, there are a wide variety of parts and components including wing panels, and radomes, which are composed of fibreglass material and hi-tech composites. Such material requires high precision based wall thickness measurement using advanced equipment such as Magnamike 8600. The mentioned components are usually strong in nature but are light weighted. The Hi-tech composites are often manufactured by mixing graphite or carbon fibres along with epoxy, polyamide, or polyimide resins.

What we need is a rapid non-destructive method for thickness quantification in cases of plane wings, fuselage, the airline ducts, panels, and fan blades. During the process of fabrication or post installation, use of ultrasonic thickness gages is considered ideal for quality control and ensuring the exact wall thickness matching the requirements.
It is to be noted that the inherited nature of composite materials can deliver modifying the degree of anisotropy which can lead to changes in velocity of sound as well. It must be taken care while testing any composite part that the velocity of sound is uniformly distributed so that it doesn’t interfere and disturb the thickness measurement accuracy. Magnamike 8600 is considered to be the right fit for conducting composite thickness measurement.
The device is portable in nature and a renowned non-destructive thickness gage. It utilizes an easy magnetic technology for performing trustworthy and repeatable thickness measurements on nonferrous objects. It has a simple operation method which let the user reduce the complication and gain precision in test results. The user needs to hold the magnetic probe on one side of the specimen and a small target ball (disk or wire in other cases) on the other side of the surface. The target ball can also be dropped inside the product in some case like in a bottle. The Hall Effect sensor in the probe quantifies the distance between the probe tip and the target ball. This value acquired is the wall thickness of the specimen.

The measured values are rapidly seen on the colour display screen of the device as digital thickness values. There are three probe designs available with the device including Straight, right angle, and for low profile articulating. The wear caps are replaceable and are present in Standard, Chisel tip, and Extended Wear type. The Target selection is widely extended from -3/16 and 1/4 in. in magnetic target balls. The thickness range is Expanded up to 25.4 mm. The display screen is large and includes colour VGA display quality. Test results can be extracted through portals such as RS-232, USB and VGA outputs.


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