Measuring Wall Thickness of Automobile Fuel Tanks

Measuring Wall Thickness of Automobile Fuel Tanks

The latest models of automotive fuel tanks are designed placing multiple layers of Polymer sheet, which is further made up of two layers of high density polyethylene (HDPE) which surrounds a thinner layer of barrier to gas, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). The barrier layer ensure that no gasoline vapour can leak through the polyethylene layer. This is why the wall thickness of these layers are set as per precise measurements and research. In case the wall thickness differs from the decide value at any point of the manufacturing, it can lead to a devastating results. It can cause the gasoline fuel leak out and may even burst the vehicle.

Hence conducting precision based wall thickness measurement using ultrasonic gauges are vital for higher quality control. Magnamike 8600 is the renowned wall thickness gauge used for conducting such tests for variety of products. The test equipment is a sole product of Olympus who has authorized Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. for the distribution of the thickness gauge in India. It is a software based device which uses magnetic field method to perform repeatable wall thickness measurements with high precision. Suitable for testing the wall thickness quality in plastic material, glass material, packaging material, automotive tear seams, Aerospace components and many more other applications. Basically it is considered for any non-ferrous material.

As it uses the magnetic attraction method, it will not work with ferrous metal which itself will attract the target ball used in the process and thus will interfere the measurement’s accuracy. It uses the non-destructive method of measurement which allow the user to have all the wall thickness in hand without any loss of material by cutting it into sections. The measurement is based on the probe’s Hall Effect senor theory. It has a probe tip and a target ball which is made up of ferrous material. This way it attracts each other and in between material acts as a barrier and the distance between them is taken into account as the thickness. The device used a highly accurate LCD display which shows rapid readings of the value.


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