Melt Flow Index Assessment for HDPE Material

Melt Flow Index Assessment for HDPE Material
HDPE or High density polyethylene plastic is one of the most versatile material which is used for making variety of products starting from Bottle containers to packaging wraps. It is also renowned for its recyclable properties both in its solid and flexible form. Use of HDPE material has been increasingly growing in recent market research which also in-tur led to a growing competition among plastic manufacturers. Quality control for categorizing the polymer is in demand. Hence, use of Melt Flow Index Tester has been suggested by market leaders to catch the run and stay for longer time.
There are many features which makes the use of HDPE polymer famous among manufacturers. They are lighter in weight, yet show amazing strength. A very common example will be a milk container which weighs 2 ounces but can carry near about a gallon of milk. This particular feature helps in the automotive industry for having lighter but effective parts in automobiles.  Other than this it is impact resistance, exhibit long run performance, is resistant to harsh weather, do not allow any mold to grow on its surface and the biggest benefit can be molded to any shape and size.

This nature of molding them is due to their flexible properties, this can be studied with the implementation of MFI test on the HDPE material. The testing equipment comprises of a heating barrel which allow a uniform distributed temperature to heat up the polymer granules. A load to exert pressure on the molten specimen while heating process and automated feature of sample cutting. The Digital Model of MFI tester is very much helpful and considered to be a reliable source of testing in conducting the MFI test on HDPE material.  


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