MFI Tester for Calculating Melt Flow Index of HDPE Material

MFI Tester for Calculating Melt Flow Index of HDPE Material
High density polymer material or HDPE is a kind of thermoplastic polymer exhibiting high level of tensile strength. It can withstand higher temperatures maintaining its hardness and strength level. HDPE material are often used in the moulding process and vary its properties according to it. Due to its various properties it is used for various application such as manufacturing of Bottle caps, chemical resistant pipes, plastic bottles, plastic bags etc.
The Melt flow index calculation is a vital task to know that the predicted qualities or properties of the HDPE material is as per the industry set criteria or not. For instance, manufacturer wants to confirm that how the material will behave under set moulding criteria, then they must first evaluate the tensile strength, MFI index and other quality properties of the material. Melt flow properties of HDPE material can deliver an accurate idea of how much time or at what temperature will the material take to melt down. And also an idea of the extrusion behaviour will be obtained.
For testing melt flow index or MFI of HDPE material, the specimen must be prepared in granule form. The granules are put inside a cylindrical heating barrel and pressurised by applying load from top. The granules are heated till it melt down and is extruded. The extrusion which comes out within 10 min of time is collected and weighed. From there the MFI index is calculated.
The testing machine which can be used for such process is termed as Melt flow Index tester. Presto Group offers a range of MFI tester including digital, and Touchscreen Model. The Digital model MFI tester is equipped with PID temperature controller for managing temperature changes inside the test barrel. Heavy duty material has been used to conduct complex melting of polymer granules at highest temperature – Up to 400 degree Celsius. Pre-set digital timer for setting the test duration. Allow automated sample cutting while extrusion assuring zero error occurring in the test process. The machine is designed adhering global testing standards - ASTM D 1238-1992, IS 2267-1972, IS 2530-1963, IS 10810-1984. The tester can conduct smooth test of HDPE material and deliver non-tampered and reliable test values upon which MFI index is calculated. Suitable for evaluating MFI, MFR, and MVR values of Polymer. 

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