Modern Way to Perform ESCR Testing

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Why is it necessary to measure ESCR?

Determining the environmental stress cracking resistance of the material is the best performance measurement strategy which is used for long term. Whether for the workplaces or household uses, plastic containers are usually filled with hazardous chemicals. If any leakage or crack initiates in these containers, then it can lead to fatal accidents. Hence, there is no space for cracking or leaking of the plastic containers that are filled with such kind of liquids. The same thing also happens with the gas pipes and water pipes when they are installed underground and expected to work for a long period of time say at least 50 years.

The material that explains the resistance to failure even in aggressive working conditions, corrosive environment and different environmental factors is referred to as Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance. As ESCR is a very slow process that helps to measure the quality of the product but depending on the test for a long period of time is quite difficult.

How to measure ESCR Property of Plastics?

Methods that are used to measure the ESCR are possible by providing the material to elevated temperatures and different environmental conditions. There are many variations that have been done to perform the ESCR appropriately by the principle on which the test work always remains same. A test sample is used to simulate a scratched and placed in a non-ionic surfactant fluid under stress. The time which is required to break the sample is considered as the ESCR value of the material.

Presto Stantest has developed a reliable, innovative and quick method to measure the environmental stress cracking resistance of plastics in order to determine the properties and characteristic features of the product. The skilled professional at presto manufacture high-quality and highly standardized ESCR as per guidelines mentioned in ASTM D 1693 standard to evaluate the effect of environmental conditions on polymers or similar polyethylene. For more information on ESCR, click here.

Key Expertise of Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance

  • The temperature of the device is controlled through PID controller.
  • Best device to ascertain the quality of the products with highly accurate and precise test results under different temperatures inside the chamber
  • Equipped with advanced PID based temperature controller with microprocessor
  • The provision Set Value(SV) and Process Value(PV) are provided on the temperature display.
  • Inbuilt Calibration features
  • Stirrer Motor is provided for stirring of sample inside the tank
  • A set of test tubes is provided along with fixture to hold samples easily inside the tank.

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