New Generation Package Leak Tester for Top Quality Control

New Generation Package Leak Tester for Top Quality Control

Plastic Packaging material are widely used across the world in numerous verticals. Manufacturers are facing huge competition along with sales depletion in this field. To lead the market requirement it has become vital to indulge in technologically advanced manufacturing process.  However, without right quality inspection, it is not possible to increase the quality of packaging materials. In this post, we will share the new generation quality control for package leak detection test with Presto Stantest testing Instruments.

Vacuum leak Tester - PVL – 0131 belongs to the Prima series. The series have wide range of material test equipments evolved using hi-tech engineering and software based technology. The Leak detection system uses HMI based software for its operation. Equipped with a 300*150 mm desiccator or vacuum tank (customization available upon request) for testing large sized bottles, containers, packages etc.
The testing apparatus includes a strong and huge desiccator composed of PMMA transparent material. PMMA provides life-long resistance from weathering conditions, abrasion, and cracking or breaking down. The tank lid is heavy and assure complete sealing condition once closed. Inbuilt Vacuum Generator equipped in the machine. Up to 900 mb Vacuum level can be generated inside tank. Both water and Air can be used as Medium.
HMI-based touchscreen controller allow hassle-free operations. User can set test parameters using distinct programs. Testing cycles can be generated for repeatable test. Graphs can be produced using test data. Test information can be seen ‘Live’ on screen. The equipments complies with multiple global test standards including ASTM D 4991-07(2015), ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D6653, ASTM D3078 and ASTM D5094.
To initiate the test, place the specimen inside the tank filled with water or air. Close the lid carefully and tightly. Set the parameters like pressure, vacuum, and time. Start the test process. Current running data can be seen on screen.

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