Our Full Support & Assistance during COVID-19 Challenge

Presto Testing Instruments

We, at Presto Testing Instruments, are well prepared to support our esteemed customers supplying materials that are critical to those on the front-line working to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We understand that many of our customers produce materials used in finished goods - including masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment -which are the need of the hour right now. The quality of your products is critical to the end users. Our commitment is to build equipment with superlative quality at high priority to assist in validating that quality products are reaching the consumers, without any delay.

Presto Testing Instruments is geared up to assist to you in keeping your quality control lab up and running during this challenging time. Our support teams are available to guide you on buying the right equipment or for providing any service support.

Our range of Physical Test Equipment:

Laboratory Equipment for Mask Testing as per IS : 9473 : 2002

Bursting Strength Tester
Mask Strength Test Machine - Testing of Seam Strength, Testing of Elastic Band
Friction Coefficient of Mask material
Tearing Strength of Mask material
Air Flow testers

Laboratory Equipment for Surgical Gowns & Drapes as per IS : 17334 : 2019

Material Strength Testing Machine - Testing of Material
Abrasion Resistance Testers
Tear & Puncture Resistance Testers

Laboratory Equipment for Testing Safety Face Shields & Eye Protectors as per IS : 5983:1980 & IS : 8521 : 1977

Penetration Test Instruments
Sling Strength Testers
Scratch Resistance Testers

Laboratory Equipment for Surgical Medical Gloves as per IS : 4148 : 1989

Latex elongation Testers
Material Strength Testers for Gloves

We are committed to providing world class laboratory testing instruments to ensure that you are able to supply to the world!

In these unique times, Quality would be the only criteria to supply globally.

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