Perform Abrasion Test of Packaging before Launching In the Market

Perform Abrasion Test of Packaging before Launching In the Market
Packaging for medical devices includes the product and maintaining the sterility of the packaged product till its usage. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to assure that the selected packaging option will bear the typical events related with distribution, product handling and storage. At the time of handling and distribution, movement between a medical device and packaging film may happen gradually. Shock, vibration and repetitive rubbing makes the device to abrade the cross-section of the film. It elevates the potential for the sterile barrier to be compromised. Scuff Resistance Tester can be used to test the quality of printed labels as per standard.
Various standardised tests are established to ensure packaging integrity to be maintained. There is currently no widely accepted test method to compare the abrasion resistance of packaging films. So, abrasion failures are seen mostly at the time of distribution testing or customer complaints. The development of a good abrasion test method for flexible packaging films allows packaging engineers to know and predict the variables that affect failures. The benefits of abrasion induced failures can be reduced if the abrasion test data is examined at the time of packaging selection process.
The products are dispatched to various places having important information such as constituents, logo, expiry date etc. Due to prolong storage and shipment these details get rubbed off. As a result, the user loses interest in that particular product due to lack of information. This abrasion can cause leakage and punctures which damages the product integrity.
Scuff Tester evaluate the rub proofness of prints on paper or board. It is widely used to evaluate color transfer from the printed or coated surface at the time of rubbing. The application is extended to measure the abrasion resistance of plastic materials.
Method to operate:
  • Take two samples of sample material to be rubbed against each other.
  • Under the constant pressure of 2 p.s.i and at a uniform speed of 60 rpm, the number of rubs is recorded in a digital counter.
The scuff resistance tester works as s great comparator of the variations in print quality among various suppliers. High rub resistance displays better print quality and low rub resistance displays poor print quality. Using scuff resistance tester, manufacturers can ensure a high quality of printed products to the customers globally.
Some of the important features are:
  • Uniform load by weights on sample
  • Motorised weight arrangement on the sample for zero noise working conditions
  • Set the number of counts using digital preset counter

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