Perform Ageing Test for Cables with Acceleration Method

Perform Ageing Test for Cables with Acceleration Method

Cables and wires are most essential network of connectivity in numerous industries. They have several applications and so exhibits variety of properties. These properties are tested and categorized as per their use. The most extreme conditions faced by the cables is the dry heat. Prolong encounter with heating condition may lead the polymer material cracking or ageing. This is not known when it will age, thus the wires must be test for its ageing factor.

Accelerated Ageing Oven is a highly advanced mode and precisely designed cabinet which is used to conduct ageing test for Cables and wires. It evaluate the material behaviour in rapidly increasing temperature and accelerated form of heating environment. It imitates the real time heating condition which the material might experience in its daily use.
The test process involves dry heating for a specified time period at a particular temperature. The test results are visually inspected. The specimen behaviour are observed before and after the test. On the basis of which the manufacturer will decide if the material pass or not fir further use.  The numeric value symbolises the change in specimen properties in percentage form. Equipment complies with ISO 188-2011 standard and fulfil international test standard.

The temperature ranges from ambient to 300°C. The main body is composed of stainless steel material from inside and mild steel material from outside along with powder coated finish. An air flow meter is also a part of the delivery. Two stainless steel specimen tray are installed in the oven. Operated using LED Digital display screen for test parameters read out. Unique feature of T/P action is installed to reduce temperature hikes. Highly precise digital controller equipped based on microprocessor software program.


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