Perform ASTM D1709 Impact Test for High Tensile Plastic Film

Perform ASTM D1709 Impact Test for High Tensile Plastic Film

Plastic film exhibiting higher tensile properties are usually utilized in packaging industries to seal products after manufacture process and prior its delivery. They are known to deliver the best protection form outer environmental factors and protects the content packed inside. Due their high tensile strength, they are stretchable in nature and when the film allows to get pulled the surface tension of the film increases making it prone to puncture or burst conditions under sudden impact.

To avoid these conditions in real life use, one must check their production quality by performing artificially controlled impact test. Dart Impact Tester based on ASTM D1709 standard is used to conduct such test in quality assurance of Plastic film.
To see if the packaging film can survive the real-life vertical impacts, the specimen film must be stretched up to its maximum level and clamped firmly to simulate its use while in packaging conditions. A specified amount of load the can be dropped to its surface from a specified height. At the end of the test it must be seen that at which load or height or number of impacts the specimen fails and get ruptured. This analysis is based on the comparison made between the test results of different material using same load and height parameters.

The testing equipment designed as per ASTM D1709 standard is used for conducting this test process. It is equipped with digital based test read out system and variety of loads. The clamping mechanism is specially designed to adjust any shape and size of packaging film.


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