Perform Bottle Cap Seal Integrity Test with High Precision

Perform Bottle Cap Seal Integrity Test with High Precision

Bottle cap and closure are the most important part of any container body. They seal the top and only opening of a Bottle and protects the inside content from surrounding contaminants. However, the major leakage issue is found to be with the closure section only. Therefore it is necessary to conduct highly accurate Bottle cap seal integrity test on caps and closures using Leak Testing Instruments.

There is a variety of leakage test equipment but the best-known leak test for bottle caps is the secure seal test method. In the process that sealed cap or closure is dipped inside a vacuum water condition. Then air is released through the specimen to see if it generate any bubble in the water. Equipment to conduct such a process must deliver superior quality.
Digital Secure Seal Tester is a renowned testing equipment used by leading brand to conduct seal integrity test. It is also suitable for testing PET bottle, or container of various size and shape. It is designed as per international test standards and used repute level of material in its construction.
Works on complete digital control with microprocessor-based program. The control allows precise detection of leakage and converts the detected changes into numerical value. Test results can be observed on the digital screen and are saved in its memory for later use. Uses a pressure of 175 psi compressed air for leak detection process. High-tensile Plexiglass material used in the sealed test chamber. The brass specimen holder to avoid reactions with the specimen material in water. Pressure hold facility is also equipped with the machine.
The Digital Secure Seal Tester is included with pressure and inlet pressure setting along with a pre-set timer to deliver higher accuracy in test results. One can perform repeatable testing to attain precise results. The timer units are changeable, one can set as per need. Highly advanced level of in-house calibration program is available. The operator can use this feature and calibrate the machine prior use as per the company set requirements.
USP of the detection system that it does not detect the liquid leakage rather it uses, gas leakage. This makes the reading more accurate and precise for Bottlecap seal integrity test.

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