Perform Coefficient of Friction Test for Packaging Material

Perform Coefficient of Friction Test for Packaging Material

The packaging material must exhibit a specified amount of friction quality. It doesn’t easily slip away from place leading to product damage, neither should it fix on a particular platform. For checking this quality factor, top packaging manufacturers trust Co-efficient of Friction Tester.

The testing equipment is considered to be the ideal machine for conducting Coefficient of Friction Test for packaging material, such as plastic bags, or pouches, packets etc. The machine is equipped with SS block slider, which is made up of high-grade material and is utilized for pulling the specimen over the testing area. The specimen packaging material is wrapped around the block and taped on the ends. Then the slider is pulled over a glass, metal or the packaging material itself. It depends on the test requirement and conditions. The block is high standardized as per its weight and dimensions. It exerts as much pressure on the specimen while pulling which is required.
For keeping an eye, on the accuracy of the force application, load cell is equipped on the test area. The load cell takes care of the applied load and see that it should uniformly directed on the specimen. It should not be the case the one portion of the material is experiencing a load and the other do not or a less amount of friction force. Rotating screw gauge allow a tight clamping of the material to be tested. As the test is related to frictional movement, it is very important that there must not be any slippage during the procedure. Digital display screen is equipped on the tester to have a clear and rapid monitoring. The display is based on a microprocessor based program which ensures accuracy in the test results. Operational button are soft to touch and are used to set the testing parameters.

The friction tester can help the manufacturer to estimate the static and the sliding friction of the packaging material. The design of the machine complies with ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894. These standards and globally acclaimed of performing frictional testing procedures related to quality control. The forces the specimen uses for getting dragged over the platform is displayed in the digital screen. The test can be performed as sample to sample or sample to glass and sample to metal. The template is decided as per industry requirement and testing conditions needed.


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