Perform Conditioning Procedures over variable materials with the Humidity Conditioning Chamber

Humidity Conditioning Chamber

The materials used in the production of final goods are assured with certain certifications of durability and other necessary mechanical properties. However, it is only possible by conducting various tests that simulate extreme climatic conditions to ensure the ability of these raw materials to survive in such situations.

The testing measures that are undertaken by manufacturers are extremely necessary & crucial at the same time as they derive the performance of various materials under extreme climatic conditions that might cause corrosion, rusting, and other hazardous effects to the specimen, thus hampering the quality & longevity of the product.

For example, aluminum and other metal materials used in the production of automobiles tend to corrode over time due to close interactions with water and continuous exposure to the environment. The metal is therefore tested on its mechanical properties to ensure that materials like these do not corrode.

The Presto Group has offered a top-notch lab testing instrument called the humidity conditioning chamber. The humidity chamber is used for simulating extreme climatic conditions to help the operator assess how the properties of the material react to variable climates.

It becomes crucial to perform this test over different materials as these materials are used in different parts of the world. Therefore, they must be durable enough to withstand any climatic condition. Let us take a look at how this lab testing instrument provides accurate results and performs simulation tests with such facile.

Functioning Procedure of the Humidity Conditioning Chamber

The humidity testing chamber is an amazing innovation by the Presto Group that determines the reaction of properties of a material under certain controlled circumstances.

To commence the conditioning test, the manufacturer has to first place the specimen correctly inside the humidity cabinet of the instrument. 

After placing the specimen it is extremely crucial to close the door of the humidity cabinet to ensure that no atmospheric changes take place due to external factors.

The instrument has a total of four cyclic modes that ensure the testing is precise and all around the specimen, measuring all the existing and embedded qualities of the material.

The operator chooses which tests to conduct i.e. cooling, heating, humidification & dehumidification. The operator can also run all four tests on the same specimen in order to produce an all-weather-friendly product.

The instrument is equipped with a reservoir tank that inlets water through a port inside the testing chamber, the water is sprinkled across the specimen with the help of the sprinklers, and the temperatures inside the inner chamber are elevated with the help of SSR-based heaters that are embedded in the walls of the inner chamber.

The water used in the instrument is demineralized and ensure that the testing is precise by disallowing the reaction of the mineral over the specimen.This is how the humidification is performed and the properties of the specimen are determined.

Similarly, in the dry heating test, the heaters elevate the temperature inside the chamber which is circulated all around the specimen with the help of a German-made aerodynamic fan for uniform testing. The instrument is also equipped with conditioners that condense the air inside the inner chamber and the cooling and dehumidification is performed.

The operator can perform all these testing measures under controlled temperature & controlled time with the help of the control panel associated outside the Presto humidity testing machine.

The Presto humidity testing machine is constructed with loads of features to make the testing processes extremely easy and expedite testing measures for an enhanced and seamless experience.

Key Attributes of the Humidity Chamber

The humidity chamber manufacturer has ensured all the top-quality features within the instrument which has drawn the attention of all manufacturers from different industries.

The most premium feature of the lab testing instrument is the alarm buzz system that ensures the safety of the instrument as well as the operator by avoiding any hazards in case of overheating, over sprinkling, test completion, low water in the reservoir tank, etc.

Another top-quality feature embedded within the humidity cabinet is the SSR-based heaters installed in a uniform assembly within the cabinet. The heaters ensure the elevation of the temperature with absolute certainty and uniformity due to the Germad-made fan that distributes the elevated temperature across the specimen.

The lab testing instrument is the prime choice for so many manufacturers all across the industries due to its robust construction with highly advanced materials like glass wool & stainless steel material which makes sure that the instrument is free from any sort of environmental hazards and also provides an assurance of long-term durability.

The conditioning chamber offers an ergonomically designed control panel which is an amalgamation of feather touch controls and rotary switches that combine to provide a seamless testing experience along with accuracy to the operator.

The feather touch controls & the control not only encourage single-handed testing measures but also allow the operator to keep track of up to 10 test results recorded previously.

The lab testing instrument is also equipped with a water low-level indicator that determines the water level inside the reservoir tank which is necessary to expedite testing measures and avoid the wastage of time during the course of testing.

All these high-end features combine together inside the instrument to contribute towards the accuracy-driven approach of the humidity chamber manufacturer and also ensure that the instrument remains at the top shelf when it comes to comparison with other conditioning chambers.

Get Your Hands on the Humidity Chamber Right Away

If you also want to evaluate the properties of the material under certain climatic circumstances which might be extreme, you can get yourself the highly assured lab testing instrument from the Presto Group called the humidity chamber. To seek further information and get a quick look at Q&A’s of the instrument you can adhere to the website.

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