Perform Ductility Test on Painted Metal Substrates with Cupping Tester

Cupping Tester

Principle of Cupping Test

Cupping test is a high-quality ductility test which is used to examine the performance and ability of painted metal substrates and metal sheets that can undergo deformation when the material is subjected to a huge amount of stretch. The test indents the materials just by pressing a punch having spherical end against a test piece which is clamped between a die and a holder until a crack appears. After the punch force is applied to the sample, the depth of the cups can be measured to ascertain, how much the material is ductile and how much indentation it can bear before damaging the quality of the product. This process of cupping test on metals is applied on the samples to test the molding strength of metal and crack resistance strength of paints and coatings.

How can the Cupping Test be performed?

The cupping test in metal and paint manufacturing industries can be performed easily with the help of a testing instrument, Cupping Tester. The instrument is designed as per the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO & BIS. Presto Stantest being a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of testing instruments offer premium quality of Cupping Tester. The testing machine is designed as per the standard to IS: 10175 (Part I): 1993 & ISO 1520:2006-11-15 standards. The diameter of the Punch is 20+/-0.05 mm. The device is operated manually with a hand-operated wheel which is equipped with Dial Gauge that shows the readings.

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