Perform Tensile Testing of Carry Bag's Strap with Presto's Tensile Testing Machine

Perform Tensile Testing


Every day we face countless challenges with our carry bag's straps, ropes, belts almost without noticing them. As the carry bags, school bags, traveling bags are subjected to constant loading. If the quality and strength of these bags are best, they will perform well at the time of usage and vice versa.

In the real world, these products go through many complex stages at the time of handling. If the tensile strength of these conveyor belts, ropes and safety belts are not optimum, they will create many severe issues. To test the strength of these materials, special sample quality measurement gripers are utilized to measure the tensile strength of carry bag straps using high-quality tensile testing machine.

The tensile test is a major contributing test which is performed on numerous materials to ascertain the strength that a material requires to survive in harsh working conditions. The inconsistency in the yield strength of the material explains the inferior tensile strength of the materials. The study of the tensile strength of materials helps to determine various characteristics, performance and working life of the product.

Benefits of Performing Tensile Test on Conveyor Belts

Performing the standardized test procedure minimizes the possibilities of variable results in the yield strength and other related properties. The improved and standardized mode of testing helps to establish accurate yield modulus and yield strength of the material that helps to minimize unanticipated delays in the production of the bags and helps to deal with the quality related issues that arise at the time of usage.

Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of testing instruments, offers a wide range of Tensile Testing Machine with customized specifications to fulfill the testing requirements that arises in different production verticals. The range of testing machines is designed keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as:

  • ASTM D412 – 06a(2013)
  • ASTM E-4 – 14
  • IS 13360-5-7 (1996)
  • ASTM D638 – 14
  • ASTM D76 / D76M – 11
  • IS 3400-1 (2012)


Technical Specifications of Presto’s Computerised Tensile Testing Machine

  • Sensitivity/Least Count: 1 kg.
  • Capacity – 0 to 2500Kg (Other capacities available on request)
  • Motor: 3 Phase Induction motor, 5HP, RPM – 1440
  • Display: Digital (LED) with a bright
  • Feather touch controls
  • Highly sensitive load sensor
  • Crosshead travel length: 750mm grip to grip
  • Rugged structure with double column
  • Safety limit switches for over travel safety
  • Load cell calibrated by NPL approved laboratories proving ring/dynamometers
  • Highly accurate micro-controller based system controls
  • Peak Hold facility available.
  • A quick analysis of results after test with complete accuracy & precision.

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