Performing Accurate Ash Content Analysis

Performing Accurate Ash Content Analysis

Muffle furnace is a common sight in the rubber and polymer testing laboratories. It is used to determine the ash percentage of the organic materials. The basic process is to convert the organic components into fumes and measure the weight of leftover ash. Ash is deliberately added into the rubber and polymer to alter their properties as per the requirement of the application.  

This furnace work on the very simple principle of heating the sample to a temperature where its organic components start changing into fumes. The heating is flameless. The machine is equipped with heating coils to take the sample to the required temperature. While testing the ash content of the sample there are certain points need to be considered to get the right test results. 
1. Determine the heating temperature – Different materials burn at different temperatures. To make the right selection, it is very important to identify the right temperature. To end the guesswork, you may refer the testing standards of the material that you are going to test. 
2. Use a digital balance – The quantity of sample is very small, and it is very important to measure it accurately. As ash content analysis is all about measuring the weight. The scale should be calibrated and highly sensitive. 
3. The sample should be measured along with the crucible bowl in which it will be burnt. Since the sample is very small, it should be weighed along with the bowl because collecting cent percent leftover ash from the chamber would be next to impossible. 
4. Temperature Control – Muffle furnace is all about burning the sample in the chamber. This means heat consistency is very important. The machine chosen by you must have some provision to maintain the temperature of the chamber.
5. Safety Features – Since the temperature of the chamber is very high, safety precautions should be taken. Always handle the crucible bowl using a tong, else the operator may get burn injuries. 
To get the accurate test results, it is important to follow all these instructions. However, there is acceptance of some tolerance but sometimes ignorance may lead to disastrous results.
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