Performing Heat Deformation Test for Plastic Utensils

Performing Heat Deformation Test for Plastic Utensils

Utensils nowadays are innovating with time. More and more demand is there for plastic made utensils. These utensils including plastic glasses, plates, and cookware even are made with high-grade polymer material and are test for its durability in elevated temperature. This particular parameter is very important to test as the utensils are exposed to direct fire heat, radiation heat and heated food item or flammable oil. In such conditions utensils must show resistance against high temperature and load over them. One such test is termed as heat deflection test conducted using heat deformation tester.

The equipment is used to analyse the behaviour of plastic material used to manufacture utensils. Especially in case of microwave safe materials. The machine is designed to conduct conditions which imitates the real elevating heat conditions and a particular amount of load is applied on the sample to check if they can sustain the pressure and exhibit good performance in subjected conditions or not.
The tester uses IS 2530-1963, ISO 75-1(2004)-E, ASTM D648-01, and ASTM D1525-00 test standards. It is designed as per these international standards and the test method included in the standards can be followed by using this equipment. It is equipped with two separate stations for measuring Deflection temperature and Vicat Softening temperature. A digital dial gauge is installed for pressure measurement for the inside test process. For the test, user can use both water and oil as a test media. Microprocessor based digital PID temperature controller for precise control over temperature modifications. 


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