Performing Wall Thickness Measurement of Glass Products

Performing Wall Thickness Measurement of Glass Products

Glass material is a low cost and highly flexible in nature. It can be easily casted, moulded into other forms and shapes. Other than this, the material can easily transmit high frequency of sound waves. This particular feature of glass allow ultrasonic thickness gauging methods to perform on them perfectly and also some of the non-magnetic methods too. This why Wall thickness gauge- Magnamike 8600 is considered to be the best and foremost choice for thickness estimation of Glass products.

Most of the geometries which are produced using Glass material are such which do not allow thickness measurements suing mechanical methods such as calipers or micrometres. It is quite difficult to enter the mouth of calipers in those narrow neck. On the other hand almost all glass products can be easily measured using Magnamike 8600. The testing procedures do not damages the glass product, they are not broken. The test process and the measurement of thickness is instantly recorded. It delivers accuracy and precision in the test results which develops reliability among customers.
The test equipment uses the Hall Effect principle for estimating the wall thickness. It is taken as the ideal equipment for conducting glass thickness measurements in products such as containers, bottles, tubing type of structure with an opening. The only requirement of the equipment is that the specimen must allow the entry of a target ball and must not have a thickness which is over 25 mm. The wall thickness gauge makes use of magnetic field method to conduct precise measurement between the probe tip which is placed against the external surface area of the specimen and a small steel composed target ball that moves along the surface internally. The equipment is often considered for taking complex measurements on the corners and tight radical areas. Moreover, it also do not need any material based calibration before testing.
No need of setting up any special arrangement or process before conducting measurement in Glass material. The instrument will be only used as mentioned in the operating manual. No kind of damage or scratches will be there while using the equipment for glass wall thickness measurements. Equipped with a Digital based LCD display screen which is used to monitor the instant test results. Other than target ball one can also use, target wire or disc which is a part of the kit. Has two types of replaceable wear caps for the probe, Standard and Chisel type.


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