Performing Water Absorption Test for Blotting Paper

Performing Water Absorption Test for Blotting Paper

Blotting Paper is renowned for its high water absorption rate. Also known as bibulous paper, the material has numerous applications based upon its absorption quality. It is used to absorb excess amount of water or any other type of liquid like ink or oil from skin, desk, and writing paper surface. It also has application in research industry where it is used in cleaning the microscope slides before placing specimen on it so that unwanted liquid substance can be removed from the slide.

Due to its oil absorbency quality they have use in the cosmetic industry as well. As all its application is based upon its quality of absorption, it is thus of great importance that the property is tested. Equipment such as Cobb tester is famously used for determining the water absorbency quality of blotting paper.

The equipment is a high-end quality equipment which is used to test the level of water absorption quality in materials. The water absorption factor is also termed as Cobb value. Suitable for testing materials like paper, cardboard sheet, or corrugated fiber board. The design complies with international test standards like IS 1060, and TAPPI –T441.
Light-weighted body is highly portable in nature. Has a fast locking mechanism in the equipment. The apparatus include a heavy weight roller to roll out the excess amount of water which is not absorbed from the sample. A cylindrical steel panel where the sample is dipped inside the water or any other liquid.

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