Detect the Uniformity of PET Bottles by Wall Thickness Measurement

Wall Thickness Measurement

Magnamike 8600 is a widely used testing instrument which is used to measure the wall thickness of non-ferrous materials. The instrument works on the Hall’s Effect technique. The device is very light in weight which is designed mainly for rapid measurements of various materials such as aluminum, glass, composites, plastics and other materials. The thickness of the wall of different products is determined by following a very simple testing process. A target ball is placed inside the sample on one side of the wall whereas a magnetic probe is kept correspondent to it on the other side of the wall. The Hall’s effect technique helps to read the distance between the probe and the target ball i.e. wall thickness of the sample.

Measurement of Non- Ferrous Materials

Hall Effect instruments are capable enough in determining the geometrical dimensions of the non-ferrous or non-magnetic samples by placing the steel ball and probe tip on both sides of the sample wall correspondent to each other. The device can measure the wall with the maximum thickness of 25mm. with the measurement accuracy of +/- 1%. The device is provided with an advanced electronic semiconductor system that reacts to a magnetic field when coming across the surface of the material when a current travels through it.

Presto Stantest, the well-known manufacturer of testing devices, is an authorized dealer of Olympus's Magnamike 8600. The instrument offers highly precise test results.

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