Plastic Tensile Strength Analysis with Digital Tensile Tester

Plastic Tensile Strength Analysis with Digital Tensile Tester

Assessing the tensile strength in plastics is a primary quality control test for manufacturers to perform. The main reason behind performing the test is to know the capacity of a plastic material to stretch under pressure. There are several application which require the polymer to be pulled and experience tension force such as rope, which is usually made up of polypropylene has a primary function in which it goes under tension stress over the surface. In this case it is important to know that at which point the rope material will fail to take more tension on it and is going to break or till what point it can stretch itself. Here, the tensile strength estimation is crucial. But things like Plastic twine material or ribbons used for packing purpose has a very minor importance of knowing the tensile strength.

So, for those applications, where tensile estimation is important, Digital Tensile tester is there to guide quality managers or engineers for a precise and accurate testing process. The Tensile Strength Analysis is one of the most common quality assurance test performed in plastic industries. It is used to extract the tensile properties of unreinforced and reinforced plastic materials. The test uses a dog-bone shaped or dumbbell shaped specimen preparation which must have a thickness less than 14 mm. After the sample is prepared one must decide the test method or standard required to perform. The test equipment allow testing related to standards such as - ASTM D412, ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ATM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7, and IS 3400(Part1-1987). User must choose the best fit test standard as per their industry and application requirement.

The test equipment is designed to conduct high precise testing methods and estimating the tensile properties of plastic materials. It can help the user to generate breaking strength and tensile strength both. The functions of the test equipments is based upon the Principle of constant rate of transverse. High level technology used in the machine and precisely designed load sensors are equipped. The tensile force applied is recorded accurately for future use by the operators to assess the quality. Equipped with safety limit switches which ensures that the tensile travel do not cross the limit which is specified as per the industry demands. The normal travel length allow a movement of 700 mm grip to grip. Variety of grips are present with the machine.


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