Precise Vacuum Leak Test for Meat Packaging

Precise Vacuum Leak Test for Meat Packaging

Products like meat and sausage are highly susceptible to contamination and spoilage due to microbial growth. Raw meat is especially prone to spoilage as they are rich in moisture and nutrient content. The decomposition of flesh begins from the very moment it gets slaughtered and continue throughout its butchering process. Strict hygiene maintainenece, proper freezing, and standard atmosphere delivered to the raw meat products can extend the shelf life of the products. However, customers are looking forward to more innovative technologies to preserve the product from spoilage till it gets cooked.

To fulfil this, rising attention has been focused on Packaging techniques and methods. Innovations like Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging (VP) has been in use nowadays. However, to ensure the quality of the Meat packaging material further testing the leak resistance is an important task.
A non-destructive leak detection method by Vacuum leak tester used for Testing Leak resistance of Meat Packages. The Test chamber is made up of transparent and strong PMMA Material. It assures clear inside visibility and will not easily break off. The top lid has two firm handles and high-quality sealing corners. Inlets for water and pressure. Equipped with HMI based touchscreen display for test program operation. The Vacuum pressure is adjusted up to 900 MB (675 mm-Hg). Vacuum generator will be a part of the delivery.
The design of the equipment follows global test standards such as ASTM D 4991-07(2015), ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D6653, ASTM D3078 and ASTM D5094. Suitable for testing various types of packaging systems like Stand-up pouches, modified atmosphere packages, rigid trays, vacuum skin packs, thermoform packages, sachets, flow wraps, form fill seal and reclosable packages.
How does it work?
HMI touch screen operation allows the user to set test parameters, can choose test profiles, observe current test status, manage test data, record information in a various format, set pass or fail criteria etc.

It can allow dry or wet, both media to conduct a Vacuum leak test for Meat Packaging. The specimen package is placed inside the cabinet and sealed by closing the airtight top lid. After that user can set the test parameters including pressure, time, etc. and initiate the procedure. 


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