Predict Humidity Damage in Textiles and Ensure High Quality

Predict Humidity Damage in Textiles and Ensure High Quality

Textiles have the capability to absorb high rate of humidity and water both, which leads to extensive damage. There are multiple types of Humidity Damage in Textiles such as tide lines, dye bleeds, shrinkage, distortion, and Mold growth. 

Tide lines are generated as a result of a wet textile. When a fabric gets wet up to a limit that it starts moving the acidic by-products and dirt through the fibers, it results in Tide lines. It appears as a wavy, dark, sharp dirt line. This type of Humidity Damage is almost impossible to remove.
Dye bleeding, fabric shrinking and distortion are also irreversible Humidity Damage for all textiles. Moreover, Textile production in humid environments can accelerate and enhance Mold Growth, leading to serious staining and discolouration. Mold can further digest textile fibers as well as welcome other organic addition. Hence, you get end results with discoloured, embrittled, and fragile items.
How to predict Humidity Damage and prevent production loss 
In a running production, the manufacturer does not hold time to check and rectify the damages or bear the reinvention of product, especially when there are loads of orders aligned.
What if the future damage can be predicted prior production?
Presto brings Humidity/Conditioning Chamber for predicting the textile life in worse humid conditions.
Humidity Chamber is utilized in various industries to check the effect of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the products’ shelf life. It generates heat and humid environment inside the chamber and carefully detects the physical modifications in the specimen. 
Presto Humidity Chamber is constructed and functions as per the standards of ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, BS950 Part-1(D65).

Few Features - Humidity Chamber
Accurate Temperature sensing through PT-100 sensor
Uniform temperatures and humidity levels maintained inside the chamber for precise test results. 
Digital Control for Humidity and Temperature 
High-quality PUF insulation for minimizing heat loss and ensure quality performance.
Inbuilt Calibration feature 
Auto stop feature to stop machine at set time 
Presto offers two leading models in Humidity Chamber:
One of its special features is the German-based aerodynamically shaped fans for ensuring uniform heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification.
With Presto on your side, you can assure customer a quality production and recreate the bond of trust nationwide.

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