Preserve Samples for Long Time Using High Quality Freezers

Preserve Samples for Long Time Using High Quality Freezers

Various types of laboratories with different needs are there and to satisfy those needs, many laboratory freezers are available in the market. Every microbiology labs, biotechnology, biochemistry and engineering labs need to store the biological and chemical samples in deep freezers for preserving the sample for a long time. There are many models of freezers available in the market such as chest freezers, upright freezers, etc. A user can choose the best model among these.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers is the equipment for different industries specifically medical laboratories where samples are stored for a long time. The device identifies the mechanical behaviour of polymers or rubbers at low temperature. The test method is conducted to condense the conditioning method that is needed for plastic and polymer testing. The equipment also tests the effects on crystallisation, solubility and glass transition.

Some of the important points to look while purchasing the right thing for your lab is:

  • Refrigerant - Freezers that use CFC free refrigerants are not a good option for many verticals. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are the main cause of depletion of ozone layers that prohibits UV radiations of the sun from reaching the earth surface. So, CFC free refrigerants are preferred today.
  • Type of freezers - Various designs with distinctive features are available in the market. They are designed separately for particular applications and labs.
  • Temperature uniformity- The assessment and uniformity of the freezer should be kept in mind which tends to improve when the freezer is fully loaded.
  • Avoids frost free build up and features like claw latches and insulation helps to avoid this problem.

Ultra Low Deep Freezer is important in the laboratories, life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. It is utilised for long-term preservation of samples at particular temperatures. A lifespan of a freezer is about ten to fifteen years. So, a good quality freezer must be bought at affordable prices. There is a tremendous technological advancement in the freezing technics in the last three decades. Modern freezers are much more advanced than the previous one.

Advantages of Ultra Low Deep Freezer are:

  • Improved energy efficiency as it has no compressor. So, energy consumption is low.
  • Custom made solutions that meet the requirements of the customer.
  • The freezers have balcony vents on the back side to reduce the noise. So, thermal efficiency is added without maximising the decibel count.
  • Amazing control over temperature which is an important feature of this freezer.
  • It provides sustainability. When high standard freezers are bought, we get transparency for power consumption, service life, recyclability and manufacturing quality with it.
  • Safe for long term storage.
  • Efficient insulation with high core density minimises temperature loss.

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