Presto Offers Various Models of Hot Air Oven

Presto Offers Various Models of Hot Air Oven

Hot air oven is the much-needed device of the pharmaceutical industry. Also called, dry steriliser. It plays an important role in decontamination of testing instruments in a microbiology lab, like Petri dishes, pipets, test-tubes, slides etc. Apart from that, it is widely used in other industries for investigating behaviour of the material. At Presto, we have rolled 2 models of Hot air ovens.

  1. Hot air oven – Mercury
  2. Hot air oven – Prima series

Hot air oven (Mercury) – The principle of this equipment is very simple. It is equipped with heaters and fans. Heaters are used to create the heat and fans circulate the heat throughout the chamber uniformly. The heat flows in a circular motion inside the chamber. As heater heats up the air, it rises and crashes with the ceiling and comes down back. It has the capability of performing a test of maximum 8 hours long. Major features

  • It is a discrete LED display.
  • The temperature range can be exceeded to as high as 250°C.
  • It has glass wool insulation for high protection against heat loss.
  • Microprocessor based PID controller for keeping the temperature uniform throughout the test.
  • For efficiently switching of heater, solid state relays are used, which ensures nonstop working.
  • It has a time totalizer to estimate the total running hours of the machines. It is a non-resettable meter. This assures zero discrepancies in the running hours of the test.
  • In built calibration with reference to PID controller.
  • Internal body is made up of stainless steel and external body is made up of mild steel.

Hot air oven (Prima Series) – This is the advanced version of Hot air oven (Mercury). The principle is of the both the models is similar. In this model, inner and outer body is made up of steel.

  • It has a bright LED display with feather touch control buttons.
  • Advanced microprocessor based PID controller for maintaining constant temperature.
  • Air circulation vents to release the air pressure and calibration.
  • In built auto tuning system.
  • Temperature range can be exceeded to as high as 250°C.
  • It has RS 232 port for computer connectivity. This equipment allows 2-way communication with computer. Operator can log the data and command the machine from computer as well.

The main objective of innovating this model is to provide a highly reliable machine for the pharmaceutical industry. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. In pharmaceutical industry is important to maintain a decontaminated environment. Corrosive areas have a tendency to support reproduction of microorganisms.

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