Presto Salt Spray Chamber to Ease Your Work of Corrosion Testing

Presto Salt Spray Chamber to Ease Your Work of Corrosion Testing

The corrosion test has been conducted in many industries to ensure the quality of material used in manufacturing. This quality control test will tell the properties of the material that are used in the metal industry. This test is mainly conducted for ferrous metals as well as alloys that are prone to corrosion. To ease your corrosion testing process, Presto has come up with this amazing instrument called a salt spray chamber.

Most of the metal industries make use of this testing instrument to test the quality of their metal. This testing instrument from Presto will be helpful in ensuring the quality of alloys and ferrous metals. Most of the machine parts are made of metals and get oxidized with the passage of time. Thus, if you want to maintain those parts then we suggest you take help of these testing instruments.

There are various metals that get corroded and destructed easily. The oxidation of materials will help the microbial reaction to getting happened on the surface. Thus, it will affect the quality of the product and leads to its malfunctioning. There are various paint and coating industries that make use of salt spray chambers to make sure that their products will remain durable and away from corrosion.

Significance of salt spray chamber

In a salt spray test chamber, a salt-laden condition will get stimulated and accelerate. During this condition, you can start with the preparation of the specimen. It is very important for you to conduct the test in the right way. When you place the specimen in this corrosion test chamber then it will be tied with the rod and hanged there.

This corrosion test will be very useful and initiate with the salt fog spray and has maintained temperature and test cycle. This will be done with the help of an operational technique. With the help of this test, you can easily evaluate the corrosion resistance of materials when it will get exposed to salt fog. There will be no change in the production process while conducting this test. When you purchased the salt spray chamber from Presto then you will get a large number of features. We have listed those features below.

Features of salt spray test chamber from Presto

The skilled people of Presto Testing Instruments will provide you with various sets of testing instruments that will be used to conduct the quality test. The salt spray chamber is one of the high-quality testing instruments that have been equipped with several advanced features. You can read them below.

  • It contains various function keys that support Ethernet communication protocols.
  • It has 3M flash memory with USB 1.1 for high-speed screen and data download.
  • 256K bytes SRAM with the support of a CF memory card.
  • With the help of a salt spray chamber designed by experts at Presto, you can easily connect with other devices utilizing LAN or the internet.
  • You can easily experience remote operation and monitoring of HMI functions.
  • It has special locking features with remote monitoring.
  • Safety features to conduct the test easily.
  • No language limitations will be there.
  • It has interchangeable font settings.

These are some amazing features that you will get with the salt spray chamber test from Presto. You can easily choose between the two models of this testing machine. The first model is Salt Spray Chamber (Corrosion Tester) - Patent No. 244580 and the second model of this testing machine is CASS cum Salt spray test chamber. These two models of this testing instrument have been equipped with some amazing features. Thus with the help of the Presto salt spray chamber, you can easily assess the ability of rust-proofed components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It contains tripled walls (glass wool insulation) incorporated along with inbuilt PID temperature settings for higher accuracy.


The salt spray test is essential especially for metals to check the corrosion resistance of coatings and materials. During salt spray testing, an accelerated corrosive attack will help to predict that for how long the coating will protect the metal. To determine this Presto salt spray chamber will be a good choice. Give us a call and we will guide you well regarding this instrument.

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