Presto Salt Spray Testers Shine as Leading Test Apparatus

Presto Salt Spray Testers Shine as Leading Test Apparatus

Established in the decade of 70's Presto’s Testing Equipment, the leading salt spray manufacturers, have spent more than 30 years developing and perfecting all kinds of testing apparatus. The company’s focus on technology leadership and process control leads to customer satisfaction that has led to the development of multiple testers manufactured at Presto Instruments. Rigorous quality control over products not only provides testing in corrosive high salinity marine conditions but a variety of industrial applications. These include wastewater treatment and swimming pools and other environments where systems are exposed to chemical fumes.

Vital Strength and Design

The company designs robust fog spray machines to test all kinds of corrosive environments. Exposure to harsh environments that demonstrate results that can provide a high level of confidence aside from the cyclic tests. These include testing corrosion on ferrous materials. The testers are built to apply to all kinds of corrosion problems that are found in all types of environments including corrosive conditions like, coastal and marine environments.

Salt spray testing is a lab simulation of a corrosive saline environment. Such an environment is used as an accelerated means of testing the ability of surface coatings that is able to withstand corrosion. Also known as salt fog testing, it is one of the oldest testing methods used across industries. Salt spray testing is a method of checking the corrosion resistance of coatings and materials that are used to test metals and other types of materials. During salt spray testing, an accelerated corrosive attack gets produced to predict how superbly the coating protects the metal.

Presto salt spray test machines use salt spray testers that are built with moulded fiber and reinforced plastic. The testers are then coated with automotive PU paints. The chamber’s structure supports a high variety of strength while maintaining its non-corrosive properties.

The translucent hood gives a clear view of the specimens that are in the progress of being tested. It offers greater flexibility in specimen mounting and dismounting of the specimens because of the flexible tray-like design. The chamber has some noticeable features that define it further:

  • Transparent hood that promotes constant vigilance
  • Regulation and control of compressed airflow
  • Reading of the saline solution flow
  • Automatic system encouraging lessening of fumes in the test compartment
  • Easy up-gradation of the compartment
  • Precision spraying of saline solution
  • Elevated resolution of dosage 


Salt spray testing is used upon producing swift comparisons between expected and actual corrosion resistance. This is because many external factors influence corrosion and as it turns out, it is not a simple process.

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