Presto’s Salt Spray Test Chamber brings Quality to Corrosion Testing

Presto’s Salt Spray Test Chamber brings Quality to Corrosion Testing

Even in the demanding current times of the global pandemic where economically sensitive times are touching many, Presto Testing Instruments retain a strong position, as the ace manufacturers of the Salt Spray Chamber. This Nationally Award-Winning Testing Instruments manufacturing company meets the testing needs of multiple customers day after, by delivering customized versions of this corrosion tester.

Committed to International Testing Standards, the testing chamber is designed as per ASTM B117 and JIS Z2371. Features like Air Regulator and Online Fog Collection are incorporated to get the best results. In fact, all the models are equipped with Air Purging, Air Regulator, Time Totaliser, Cyclic Timer, Gauges and Specimen Racks. This way, the user is able to perform an error-free test each and every time.

Freedom from Corrosion

Quality testing with superior technologies not just exceeds the expectations of our customers but brings them back to us again and again. The customers are happy to invest in the best value proposition for checking the resistance of the coating towards a corrosive environment. The specimen is tested with an accelerated form of Salt laden environment to test the ability of rust-proofed components.

This salt fog test chamber is a patented product with the following specifications:

  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 40 Degree Celsius
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2 Degree Celsius
  • Temperature Control: Built-in PID Temperature Controller with Special Zero Corrosion PT 100 censor
  • Air Regulator: Provides range from 0 to 30 psi
  • Construction: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

These salt spray corrosion test chambers additionally have an amazing look and appearance too with 100% accurate results. The capability of performing controlled corrosion testing of ferrous material even provides ease of use to the operators. 

Quality Innovations Add Value to Spray Chambers

Product innovation has certainly benefitted the customers when it comes to Salt Spray Test Equipment. Equipped with Ethernet Technology, the customers can utilize LAN and Internet Networks to connect other devices. As a result, any electronic device with Ethernet Adapter can be connected that brings in the remote functionality that the salt spray machine endorses. Users are easily able to experience remote operation and monitor the HMI functions with an inbuilt VNC server through VNC client applications like Windows, Android and iOS. The HMI functions with Hindi and English languages used as interchangeable font settings.

Another innovation is the remote monitoring of the chambers in operation. The special lock function reduces the chances of delivering unsynchronized commands during on-site operations. As a matter of fact, by switching the lock function ON, the VNC server only allows the user to access remote monitoring without any remote operation.


Corrosion testing on ferrous materials can now be a dependable and qualitative standard procedure. Laden with the best features that are equipped to support quality testing, the Salt Spray Test Machine is ready to rule the market for a long time to come. To know more about the comprehensive range of salt spray testers, please visit


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