Prevent Your Manufacturing Products from Corrosion

Prevent Your Manufacturing Products from Corrosion

 Corrosion testing on painted and treated panels is an important part to check and analyze the longevity of a product in the field.  If you are looking for a trusted and user-friendly Salt Spray Chamber for your manufacturing unit, then Presto Salt Spray Chamber is the one you can trust.

The Salt Spray Tester/Cabinet/Chamber, creates and maintains a Salt spray/fog test environment. This environment is helpful in testing the anti-corrosion quality of all the materials surfaces. After the rust-proof greasing, painting, coating, electroplating, and anodizing of the specimen of metals, etc. the test is performed.

Test Application

Salt Spray Test Chamber plays an important role in the industries like metal industries, automotive industries, and nut and bolts industries. It helps to ensure the quality of metals and ferrous alloys. This Lab Testing Equipment plays an important role for QA purposes that helps in predicting product’s longevity in the field over extended periods.

Working Module of Salt Spray Test Chamber

Presto’s Salt Spray Test Chamber can check different specimens of a material at the same time. A controlled and standardized corrosive environment is maintained to evaluate the protective properties of the specimen.

The Salt Spray Test is helpful in measuring and improving the break down, over time, of materials and coatings. It checks out the anti-corrosion quality of materials that are protected by rust-proof paint, coating, electroplating, and anodizing.

Salt Spray Cabinet by Presto Stantest caters to International standards of testing to bring precise yet accurate results.

What Makes Salt Spray Test Chamber by Presto Stantest Different from Others?

The following points stand for making the salt spray chamber by Presto Stantest, the most trusted one in the market.

  1. Certification by International Standards
        ·         ASTM B 117
        ·         JIS Z 2371
  2. Zero Corrosion PT 100 sensor
  3. HMI based touch screen
  4. PID controller system
  5. Automatic air purging or fog collection
  6. Temperature and Acid Proof Machine frame
  7. Supports Ethernet Technology

This Salt Spray Tester is highly recommendable in the industries like hardware, screw and electroplating and research organizations, etc.

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