Produce Corrosion Proof Thread Bolts with ASTM B117 - Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test

ASTM B117 is the best test procedure for performing Salt Spray Test. The test procedure is carried out to ascertain the corrosion resistance ability of the metals and coated metals samples such as thread bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc. This test is performed by exposing the sample to the salty environment inside the chamber for a certain period of time.

Why is Salt Spray Test performed?

The Salt Spray test is performed not only to test the corrosion resistance of caps, nuts, and bolts but also helps to prevent the occurrence of corrosion to a great extent from metal products to enhance the actual working life of the product. This test also helps to make a clear comparison in terms of corrosion between the fasteners and bolts that are protected with a coated shield with the unprotected ones. After performing the corrosion test on the sample, it can be documented easily that the samples with a protective shield are best for long term usage as compares to that of uncoated ones.

The best device to perform the salt spray test is Salt Spray Tester. Presto offers premium quality and a wide array of chambers that are used to test the corrosion resistance ability of the metals and related products. These instruments are designed as per the ASTM B117 standard test which is introduced by international standardization authority. It is a high-quality testing device that can assess the rust-proofness of components that can easily withstand different atmospheric conditions. 

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