Produce Quality Bumper stickers with Scuff Resistance Tester

Produce Quality Bumper stickers with Scuff Resistance Tester
Stickers are the main attractive section of any branding or marketing activity. They are colourful, they are attractive and loud. They say your business and brand name as loud as they can. Within these stickers, the most popular stickers are the bumper stickers. The bumper stickers are used to stick on the car bumper side. They are so portable and small that they can be used anywhere. But as they are the main part of advertising. It is very important that their information stays for long. In this post, we will talk about the role of scuff resistance tester in assuring quality.
The manufacturer of such bumper sticker takes care of every aspect. The colours must define their logo and the design must be attractive, they consult the biggest labs for formulating their shades and famous graphical designers for designing the stickers. But they forget one thing that these stickers after getting stacked on car bumpers get exposed to dust brushing and what not this regular and contact scuffing of the label can affect their print quality. If the print is lost with few rubbing then what is the need of so much of investment. It all gone zero with one or two scuffs.
Scuff resistance tester is the most popular testing instrument which utilized to conduct scuff testing on stickers and labels to check their print quality. This machine tests the resistance of printed information on the labels so that their quality can be tested and know that about after how much scuffs it will fade off. 


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