Protect your business from Corrosion linked Revenue losses

Protect your business from Corrosion linked Revenue losses

Industries in India are losing around $40 billion a year due to corrosion in infrastructure and industrial products. This is near about 4% of our total economy. Chemical and Petroleum Industry are two major industries facing the problem of revenue loss due to corrosion.  There is a huge demand for corrosion free material in industries like Oil & Gas, Energy, and Shipping, railways, ports etc.  

Only ensuring a quality standard for the products could help minimize the loss.
In times like this, why you are waiting to suffer economic loss due to corrosion? Ensure the use of corrosion free quality material in your industry by opting for Presto Salt Spray Chambers.
Salt Spray (Fog) Tester is a universally standardized way to ensure the long life of your material. It creates an artificial atmosphere responsible for corrosion in the outside world. Exposing your material to such environment can let you know the rate of corrosion of the sample. Based on the results, one can improve the material quality as per required.
This Corrosion tester is the ultimate requirement of industries facing corrosion linked economic loss. It is widely used in industries like automotive, Paint, Hardware, Furniture, Sanitary ware, electroplating etc.
The Presto Salt Spray Chambers comes in 3 different models:
1) Salt Spray Chamber (Corrosion Test Chamber) KORROX-III
         with Neutral Salt Spray (NSS). Available in 3 Volumes – 250, 450 and 1000.
2) CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber SSC CASS - 250
       with Copper Chloride acetic acid salt spray (CASS) cum Salt Spray Chamber (SSC).
       Available in 3 Volumes – 250, 450 and 1000.
3) Salt Spray Chamber-Win Series SSC
        with Salt Spray Chamber (SSC). Available in 2 Volumes – 250 and 450.
All the models above are standardized to ASTM, ISO, DIN, IS and JIS
Features that make Presto Salt spray Chambers different from others are:
Air Purging facility ensuring zero disperse of corrosive fog in the outer environment.
Fiber Reinforced body (Triple Walled) minimizing heat loss and increasing efficiency.
External Fog Collection to collect the fog with the chamber closed, avoiding the environmental contamination.
Reservoir Tank for running multiple corrosion tests unattended up to long time periods.
Touch Screen Facility to analyze, record the test reports and USB portal
Protect your business from corrosion linked revenue loss and be the best in the market with Presto Group. 

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