Protect Your Products From Corrosive Attacks

Protect Your Products From Corrosive Attacks

 Corrosion resistance is a property of materials used in the manufacturing of automobiles. The need for corrosion tests has increased tremendously as the manufacturers of automobiles develop and qualify new products against corrosion. The automotive industry is a famous industry that is concerned with the manufacturing, distribution, retailing and installation of vehicle parts. The manufacturers should test the quality of all the components before launching it in the market. The quality of the components is determined using high-quality testing equipment such as Corrosion Test chamber.

A wide range of corrosion testers is developed to assess metal’s performance in our daily life. Salt spray testing is used to judge a product’s anti-rusting ability. The testing result must be accurate and stable enough so the selection of exact salt spray test chambers is the preliminary requirement for any manufacturers.

Some of the advantages of salt spray tests are:
  • Used to examine big samples depending on the size of the salt spray chamber.
  • Easy to conduct the test.
  • The test is performed to examine the corrosion resistance of the base material but also shows the influence of surface preparation in the resistance of the stainless steel to atmospheric corrosion.
Salt Spray Chamber tests the performance of the products for its surfaces of various materials after treatment of corrosive protection using coating, galvanizing, anodizing etc. Automobiles face the air pollutants at various weather conditions. The outer part of the vehicles is 79% constituted of metal that faces corrosion and deterioration. They come in contact with either salty or oceanic environments in coastal areas. The corrosion test is performed in automotive industries to evaluate the appropriateness of the coatings and a protective layer of the metals in a highly corrosive environment.
Salt Spray tester must be selected properly by keeping in mind the following things:
  • The test chamber material and its accessories must be corrosion resistant.
  • It must be non-reactive to the testing environment.
  • Direct provision of a sprinkling of salt spray that should be uniformly dispersed all through the chamber.
  • The chamber must be installed with a gas vent to resist developing pressure difference.
  • Anti-corrosiveness of atomizer that permits no deformation having high wear resistance.
  • The compressed air should have no contamination and grease dirt.
Presto is a leading manufacturer of testing machines that provides automotive parts testing instruments. The company has experience in designing and manufacturing industrial equipment that comply with international standards. Various tests are conducted to satisfy the requirements of quality assurance such as chemical testing, shock testing, tensile strength testing etc.

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